Acrylic Render and Texture-

Acrylic render is a modified version of the original sand and cement, it takes away some of the inconsistency's of some of poorly mixed sand and cement and gives more flexibility to the render.

This product is probably the most common render used today with different mixes available for all substrates from polystyrene ,painted brick work, cement sheet, tilt slab panels and standard block work walls. 

The texture coat or colour comes in 2 grades fine and coarse with a broad range of colours (colour wall) in all ranges from Dulux, Taubmans and Wattyl ect..

Cement Oxide Finish-

This product is marketed to give that aged render look in minimal time, it only comes in a hand full of colours and is designed to show water marks and imperfections, can also contain lime and alkaline leaching to give that Tuscan/aged appearance.

Sand and Cement Rendering-

Sand and cement rendering is a more traditional trade with limited new renderers taking up the old ways, it is hand mixed on site with washed sands and binders, so if you have a wall that needs extra build out or older appearance to match your heritage project then give us a call to price up your next project.

Solid Plastering and Rough Cast Render- 

Our qualified teams can apply the old school finer finishes including white set/solid plaster for that smooth finish on internal walls  and rough cast/stucco for that rougher finish traditionally to gable ends, feature walls and external brick or blockwork walls.

Lightweight Cladding and Fire Rated Wall Systems-

We install light weight polystyrene wall systems to timber or steel frames, these have amazing insulation properties, we are licenced installers of the Dulux Exsulite system with up to a 10 year warranty on their full system backed by Dulux themselves that's a great peace of mind! We also have other accredited systems with full BCA codes to Australian standards, comes in 50mm,75mm and 100mm thicknesses and suitable for the new 6 star energy ratings.

Restoration/Repair Work-

We have a team that speacilizes in restoration work from fixing small cracks to running moulds on heritage buildings and repairing all types of acrylic renders and texture coatings to match existing works. We currently have several insurance builders that use us for our fast services and reliability.

Feature Walls-

From polished concrete to rust effects your imagination is the limit, check out our gallery to see photos of these finishes, we also update internal fireplaces, internal brick walls that are old, dirty and tired to give back that modern appeal.

 These finishes are designed to be applied as feature walls and look amazing against the modern or traditional styles whether that's plaster board or over a fine finished render, they can be used internally or on just about any external wall.

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This is a Church in the city that we were in the process of repairing the cracks and loose solid plaster!

This is a Church in the city that we were in the process of repairing the cracks and loose solid plaster!